boss-lady-croppedMy name is Stacey Vaselaney and I’ve been practicing public relations for over 25 years.  A lot has changed since I started in the business, but the basic tenets of public relations are still the same.  We old timers had to recently add social media to our repertoire which which has been extremely interesting and very fun.  During my tenure in the business, I’ve written countless news releases, made thousands upon thousands of media calls, eaten a lot of crow, looked silly doing my job for my client’s sake on many occasions, laughed a lot, cried a bit, but for the most part, have loved every minute of it!  I love sharing my stories and my opinions in hope that other PR practitioners can learn and laugh from my mistakes and advice.  Thanks for checking this out!  If you’d like to reach me directly, please email me at slvaselaney@slvpr.com.

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